Friday, August 19, 2016

School Lunch Meal Plan // August 22-26

By Janice Burke

I had such a HUGE request for a back to school meal plan! I had no idea my followers were so interested in packing up a healthy lunch for their kiddos! It truly excites me!! The boys and I just finished making our meal plan for the school lunches. They go back to school next Monday! They picked out new and larger lunch boxes from Target a few days ago.  My boys are 11 and 8, it's like feeding two grown men some days. 

I plan to update the blog with a new meal plan weekly! 

School Lunch Tips:
  1. Let the kids be a part of the process 
  2. Give them healthy options to choose from 
  3. Let them shop with you 
  4. Let them pick out their lunch boxes
  5. Let them help you food prep and pack the lunches
  6. Always add something special to the lunch they can look forward to. It can be a small piece of candy every now and then, hand written note, small toy, or gum 
  7. Encourage them to try new things! The more you involve them the more open they will be to eating healthier

Click here for more school lunch meal plans and recipes! 

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