What is Coaching?

Have you ever considered becoming a Beachbody boach?  Maybe you have seen Beachbody coaches in your social media and wonder what they do or you have been in challenge group yourself and thought it would be fun to run one and make some extra money on the side.  Or maybe you love Shakeology, but are not interested in running a business.  There are different paths you can take as a coach.  You don't have to sell anything, you can do it on the side, or it can be your full time job, or somewhere in between.

All of us on Team Tenacity have different amount of time that we can spend working on our businesses, some of us are stay-at-home moms with little kids, some of us have full time jobs and go to school, some of us have older children that are in school.  

Beachbody CoachingHere is a cool graphic from Melanie Mitro that gives you a good idea of the different options you have.  We can definitely chat more about whether or not coaching would be a good fit for you!  

Here are the basics in becoming a Beachbody coach!

  • As you know, Beachbody is a highly reputable company with products featured on news media, magazines, on talk shows, and is used by celebrities like Sheryl Crow, Pink, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Kelly Rowland, Emmitt Smith, Jennifer Love Hewitt, among others.
  • 25% commissions on any sales from your site whether you've ever bought or sold anything or not.
  • No pressure to make sales or increase to a rank. If you want to work it great, if not or not right now, that's cool too…Enjoy the discounts!
  • You receive Team Cycle Bonus, paid weekly, if you decide to build a team.
  • 25% discounts on all products and programs.
  • First access to all new products and programs.
  • Lots of free trainings, webinars, and conference calls you can attend if you want to learn to be successful
  • Your coach is your mentor, so any questions or struggles you have, he/she is here to help!
  • No stocking of product, or shipping products, or dealing with customer service issues.
  • No need for home parties (unless you want to, but that's not necessary).
  • A huge support system from other Team Tenacity coaches on-line!! You will feel like you have a whole new family!
  • Start-up is just $39.95 and then you pay $15.95/month as a website fee, or you can waive the sign-up fee with the purchase of a challenge pack when signing up.
  • Incentive programs to get customers assigned to you!
  • You can cancel at any time.  No obligation to stay in or penalty fees or anything like that.

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