Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What is the 21 Day Fix?

The 21 Day Fix has been a game changer for so many people because it's so simple and so effective. 

Here is a video that gives you an idea of what it's all about:

Listen to this video by Coach Janice Burke!  She explains what makes the 21 Day Fix so special and why we at Team Tenacity love it so much!

The nutrition plan is the biggest difference.  The program comes with six different sized colored containers and the eating guide includes lists of approved food for each food group. 

You determine how many of each container you get each day by calculating your daily calorie intake. So if you weigh 135 lbs you would be in the 1200-1499 bracket and would eat three servings of vegetables, two servings of fruit, four servings of protein, etc. everyday.  The teaspoon at the end is for nutbutters and oil.

The nutrition plan not only helps you get the right portions of each food, but it also includes small cheats! You can trade out a three servings of yellow containers for small treats like chocolate chips per week.  There are recipes in the eating plan for other treats.  This plan is not a diet, but a new way of eating!

The workouts are simple enough that someone just getting into (or back into) fitness can do them, but they are not easy!  They are very effective. 

You will receive eight workouts, one for each day of the week and a bonus workout for purchasing through a coach.  There are two cardio workouts, three toning workouts, and two working rest workouts: pilates and yoga.

Can I do the 21 Day Fix if I don't have a lot of time? Coach Nicole Rhien is a busy mom of four little ones and she completed her first round of the 21 Day Fix in October 2014.  Her results were amazing!  She is a great example of what you can do with determination and consistency.

Here are Coach Nicole's results after just three weeks of the 21 Day Fix!

Will the 21 Day Fix help with health issues? Working on both her nutrition and fitness has helped Coach Lizette Salameh get rid of her high blood pressure! Heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined so this is huge!  She is prolonging her life and her quality of life :)

Check out her great before and afters from doing the 21 Day Fix and continuing to use other programs like P90X3 and PiYo.

What happens if you haven't reached your goal weight after the end of the three week challenge?  You can keep doing the challenge over and over again! 

Coach Jillian Myers has done three rounds of the 21 Day Fix and has changed her family's eating habits with what she has learned from the 21 Day Fix.

How do I eat after I have reached my goal weight? If you are already at your goal weight, but know you need to eat healthier, you can calculate your calories so you are maintaining your weight and use the containers as normal.  You can also use the containers if you need to increase your weight just by calculating your calories differently.

Coach Brittany Grimes just finished the 21 Day Fix and also had great results in only 21 days.  The nutrition plan makes it easy to stick to it long term so no more yo-yo dieting!

Will you see results if you have already started your fitness journey? Coach Tiffany Cortez did the 21 Day Fix in October 2014 and even though she had been working out and eating well for three months she still had great results! No matter where you are on your health and fitness journey this is a great program to do to get you over your plateau or help you get your nutrition in line.  

What if I have already found my soul-mate workout, but I struggle with nutrition? If you have a workout program that you love, but you need help with your nutrition we also have the Portion Fix.  It includes all the containers and the eating plan without the workouts.  

Comment below or on our contact us page to get signed up with the 21 Day Fix or Portion Fix!  We can't wait to get you started!

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