Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Women's Retreat

This time of year with back-to-school activities and getting ready for the holiday season is very exciting, but it can also take a toll on us leaving us irritable, tired, and feeling gross from stress, not getting enough sleep, too many sweets, and not moving in a way that feels good for our bodies.  Janice from Team Tenacity is putting together a wonderful retreat that will help you take out time for you so that you can be your best self during this fun time of year.

Jump in with us on October 24!

We are working on some amazing things to make this 21 day Retreat the best 21 days of our lives!
A few things to look forward to...

30 min basic yoga practice 
🌤 Personalized Nutrition Plan
🌤 Daily Devotional
🌤 Nutrition Education
🌤 Goal Setting
🌤 Higher Fat Lower Carb Meal Plan
🌤 Live Coaching
🌤 Nightly Check-ins for Accountability

You will gain and receive so much more through this online Retreat! Do it it in your home and learn to love your body. You are worth it! 🌟

is does require a purchase but your small investment will be worth the value you will receive! We'll reassure you and answer all your questions! YOU DESERVE THIS!

Fill out this form if you want to join me in October!!

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