Monday, December 26, 2016

Annual All-Access Beachbody on Demand Membership Details

For much of my life I have been an inconsistent exerciser. I have started to work out so many times only to quit a few weeks or months later when life got busy or I got bored with the workout I was doing. I wanted to find something I could keep doing for the rest of my life, but finding the time and money for gyms or classes was hard and although I liked the idea of at home workouts I just didn't believe I had the self-motivation to keep going.

It's been 2.5 years since I started working out 6-7 days a week when a friend posted about the new PiYo at home workout program and I haven't looked back. I have learned over this 2.5 years that I need a lot of variety in my workouts to keep me going. 

Luckily in the spring 2015 Beachbody came out with Beachbody on Demand which has all their older and some newer programs, plus programs that are only available on Demand. I have loved that I can do any type of workout I want any time of day, which has been great with three kids and a husband with a weird schedule. I can really listen to my body and choose a higher intensity workout or strength training or yoga, so much to choose from!

To make Beachbody on Demand even better Beachbody is offering a spectacular deal that will only be available December 27, 2016 - February 28, 2017! For this limited time Beachbody will be offering the ALL-ACCESS challenge pack and an upgrade for existing customers! I'm super excited! For me BOD is the best way to continue working out on a regular basis since there is so much great new content coming out every month and so much cheaper and easier than going to the gym! Seriously people you need this! 

What is all-access Beachbody on Demand?
This all-access means you will have ALL Beachbody programs including Core de Force, Country Heat, 22 Min Hard Corps, PiYo, 21 Day Fix, and Cize which are not currently in the member library. PLUS you will get all the new programs that come out during 2017! You will also get 10% off on your Team Beachbody purchases including Shakeology and Performance supplements with your membership!

What is included with the All-Access Challenge Pack?
The challenge pack will come with Fix containers, shaker cup, and a bag of Shakeology plus a year of all-access BOD. Everything you need to start and continue your health & fitness journey!  Plus 10% off your Team Beachbody purchases including your Shakeology.

What if you already have Beachbody on Demand?
If you're an existing customer you can upgrade your BOD for the same price you already pay for regular BOD, but you have to do it between Dec 27-Feb 28! 

How much does it cost?
It will only be $199 for the all-access challenge pack and $99 for the annual all-access Beachbody on Demand.

If you already have an annual or six month membership you will be charged $99 and then be reimbursed for the portion of your membership you haven't used.  If you have a quarterly membership your new annual membership will be back-dated to the last time you paid and you will be charged $61.08. If you bought a challenge pack December 1-26, 2016 you can upgrade for only $69, but you need to do it by January 31, 2017.

How do you upgrade your Beachbody on Demand?
Go to starting on 12/27/16.  If you have the free 30 day trial you will need to upgrade your account after your trial period has ended.  The All-Access content should be available within 5 business days of upgrading.  

How soon is content available after purchasing the All-Access membership? All-Access content should be available within 24-48 hours of purchasing. 

What if you want the All-Access Beachbody on Demand, but don't currently have it and don't need the challenge pack? 
You will be able to purchase the Annual All-Access Beachbody on Demand membership (BOD only) without the challenge pack on December 27-February 28.

What happens after the Annual All-Access membership expires?
You will be automatically re-enrolled in the Annual All-Access membership and billed $99.95. Meaning you will be able to continue having the all-access membership until you cancel your annual membership!  All the new content that comes out will be automatically added to your account without having to unlock them!

Is the Annual All-Access membership replacing any other Beachbody On Demand/Team Beachbody Club memberships?
The Annual All-Access membership will replace the existing annual offer. All other Beachbody On Demand/Team Beachbody Club memberships will still be available for purchase. 

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