Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Ultimate Reset Saved my Life

By: Janice Burke

I wanted to share a transformation story from this lovely couple my husband & I met in San Angelo, they invited us into their home for Thanksgiving & are such a pleasure to spend time with! They recently finished 21 days of the same cleanse Chris & I did & I saved their story for today💕 I know it will speak to someone & I'm just so proud of them both 🙏🏼

"I started the Beachbody Ultimate Reset with my husband. He said, you read the book and cook the meals, then you'll have to send meals with me to work and make sure I do everything right. 

The first couple of days, I spent hours at the grocery store and had to get the workers to help me find things on my list that I couldn't even pronounce. People looked at me and said,"oh my what's wrong, do you feel bad?" The book said I might feel a little tired the second day. Then I spent the large part of my day cutting veggies and making dressings. I chased my husband out the door each morning with one more thing too put in his lunch box.

Then day three. Spending less time at the store. I don't feel like I would kill someone for a Diet Coke and Fritos. Veggies are sliced and in containers in the fridge. I now know the name of everything in my book along with the name of every employee at HEB. When my husband leaves for work, his lunch box is waiting for him.

I love a lot of the recipes and dressings in the book. All of this because my energy level has tripled.

I have type II diabetes, even with meds, in the morning, my blood sugar is in the 140-150s which is unacceptable. Now in week 3 blood sugars are 88, 93. All normal and I have forgotten to take my. Meds at times. This was a real concern to me. My blood sugar had begun to get out of control. 

Kidney function was at 42%. Now my kidney function is 63% which is normal. That was a concern also. 

I just feel so much better. I am thankful my husband introduced me to this. I suspect it saved my life."

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