Saturday, July 2, 2016

More than Weightloss: The Life-Changing Magic of Healthy Eating & Exercise

By Janice Burke

Today was such a rewarding day! As the end of the month transformation stories flood in I'm overwhelmed with emotions! 

I remember how amazing I felt after my first 30 days of taking better care of myself & it's just powerful seeing this group beam with pride! God gave me this gift, I needed a way to help & pay it all forward & 6 years later I still get to share stories like this with ALL OF you! Let me say it takes a lot of courage for my fit family to take photos let alone allow me to post them on social media! 

Vanessa Lowry is the perfect example of being inspired, And I know her story will help others too! This momma of twins is on fire! Vanessa Lowry I'm so proud of you πŸ’•

"Let me start off by saying I'm your average joe MOMMA! I run a household by myself while working forty hours a week and entertain twins and a fur baby.

Before I had my sons, I had always been into sports and was pretty athletic. Let me say nutrition was lost on me. I knew it was somewhat important but never had time for it. It was always time for fast food. 
Fast forward a few years and here I was doing nothing. Just eating what I wanted and not really doing anything. I maintained weight at 135 pounds. That's just the weight my body seemed to like. However I didn't like the way it was distributing itself across my body. I was sooooo not liking the "muffin" top. I was so moody and just unhealthy on the inside. And yet I had ZERO motivation or accountability to change myself.
I would go through cycles of working out for a few days and then just quitting. Plain out giving up. I didn't care! 
When I started working for Transit (driving 40 and 60 foot vehicles), I was so tiny compared to the vast majority of the employees. I had such a hard time getting my uniforms. I was a size 6. I started not sleeping due to bad dreams. My moods got worse. Over all I didn't want to end up like every other driver who told me how much they gained while doing this job. That was just unfair to myself and to my boys. MY BOYS who are my everything. I knew I needed a change.
I contacted my friend/mentor who I had watched for 6 plus years change her life. I told her I was ready to commit and change my life. I told her that I needed to ease in and not dive. If I dove in I knew I would fail and give up and be stuck in the cycle all over again. I told her my only goals were to regulate my moods and just feel healthy again.
Through a program that was only 30 minutes long for 21 days, an eating plan consisting of portion control, and an awesome shake, I had a breakthrough. I gained so much more than what I could imagine. I lost 10 pounds and more than 5 inches. My moods have changed and I got a whole night's sleep. The benefits are insurmountable.
With how I felt and seeing a lot of my everyday customers with a liter of soda in their hands, I know I want to be able to benefit someone else like I have done for myself. I want to be able to give the benefits of nutrition and exercise."

So so proud of this girl! So excited to help you build financial freedom for you & the boys! You committed & you are so disciplined! you are unstoppable. I'm so blessed to have you join this mission πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’™

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